Monday, May 16, 2016


May 12, 2016 12:08AM

Hey Guys, this is my Spring Sunday Lookbook to give you guys some inspiration of what you can wear to church. I know every church is different, but at my church we dress semi-formal. Things to note when deciding on an outfit is of course to dress modestly. Being aware of skirt lengths and neckline depths are two key things to consider. If you think it's too short or too low, then it probably is. Ways to avoid that problem is wearing tights and a tank top underneath. I originally had four outfits, but lost the footage to the last outfit, but all threes outfits in my video are all modest and still trendy. Hope you enjoy my video below and give it a like and subscribe if you want to see more!



This is a more boyish look, for those girls who don't want to dress up too much, but still want to look good. You can wear any basic tee and skinny jean paired with a sleeveless blazer and dressy flats for an effortless comfortable look. 

T-shirt: Black Basic Tee


This look is a bit more girly and funky with the socks and oxford combo. I love wearing blacks and whites, then wearing one pop of color. This skirt has a beautiful blue hue and simple flirty silhouette. The boyfriend blazer adds a touch of masculinity, but makes the outfit just the right amount of dressy. As you guys can tell, I love wearing funky socks because it adds personality and uniqueness to any outfit.  

T-shirt: White Basic Tee


This outfit is definitely the most dressy and girly. The bright colors of the floral scream spring and summer. The silhouette is super basic, but the puff on the sleeve cap adds a little more interest to make the outfit a little bit more girly. Since the dress is so bold with the color and print, it's always nice to stay simple with accessories like these black single strap heels. 

Dress: Floral Dress
Shoes: Black Strap Heel

I really hope you guys enjoyed my Spring Sunday Lookbook and look forward to my future post. Let me know what outfit was your favorite or what you wear on Sundays? Until next time, God Bless!

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